Baseball and Softball Little League for Duvall, Washington and surrounding areas.

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League Age Info

For baseball, Little League changed league age determination starting with the 2015 season.  For the 2015 season, Little League changed the age-determination date from April 30 to December 31.  In 2015, Little League again changed the date, this time to August 31.  In November 2015, LL decided to also grandfather in children born May 1-Aug 31, 2005 so they would not lose their 12-year-old year.  We have accounted for all of these changes in our registration system for 2016, so your player will only be eligible for the correct division of play based on league-age determination.  Players will still be assigned to a division based on local league divisional structure.  For more information on the new league age rule for baseball, please click here

For softball, Little League age is determined by December 31 of the previous year -- in other words, what is your child’s age on December 31, 2014? That is her league age for the 2016 softball season and will determine which division(s) she is eligible to play in.  There have been no recent changes to league-age determination for softball.

League age determines which division a player is eligible to participate in.  You can determine your child's league age for baseball or softball by the following methods:

Click here for the Little League Age Calculator

(We will post the 2016 baseball age chart when published by Little League.  You can see the chart in the article linked to above).

Click here to view the 2016 softball age chart